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At Drive4Kidz, we offer a range of services to assist our community members. These services include food, clothing, and utility assistance, addiction counseling, mental health counseling, assistance for victims of abuse, and help overcoming employment obstacles. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to those in need and help them regain control of their lives.


Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we believe in providing support for both. Our mental health counseling services are designed to provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to improve their mental wellbeing. We have a team of experienced counselors who are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals.


Finding and maintaining employment can be a challenge, especially for those who have faced obstacles in the past. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals overcome these obstacles and find meaningful employment opportunities. We offer support with job searching, resume writing, and interview preparation.


We understand that many individuals struggle with addiction and it can be difficult to overcome alone. Our addiction counseling services aim to provide support and guidance to those in need. We offer a safe and confidential space to discuss your struggles and work towards a healthier, happier life.


Abuse can take many forms, and it can be difficult for victims to know where to turn for help. Our assistance for victims of abuse is designed to provide support and guidance to those who have experienced abuse. We offer a safe and confidential space to discuss your experiences and work towards a brighter future.

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